Back in January 2014 we announced the launch of the site, we hosted it on Blogger platform, today we decided that it would be better to have our own more flexible site, allowing us to list events more efficiently.

Below you’ll find our original post from 2014.

The reasons, i decided to launch such a service :

1- Startup events can be as simple as online meeting – networking like what we are doing at Startupz , to multimillion dollar events covered by major TV channels (LeWeb, Crunchies, etc …) .

2- Simple Events are not covered by any media outlet, thus it’s difficult to know about.

3- Websites offering such a service, are adding a level of complexity and profit, that we wish to remove through our open site.

4- We believe, that networking wise, small events are a 1000 times better than big events.

5- In knowing when and where the next nearby startup event will occur, you can motivate yourself and others to increase the activity of your startup community.