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The Idea:
Have you tried to attend one of these startups events, where you need to pay $400-$700 for a ticket, only to listen to few people give speeches and few hand selected startups pitch their projects ?

Let me rephrase it, were you dumb enough to waste money, just to attend an event where you can not pitch neither investors nor journalists, and where you can only sit and listen to some chosen startups and some full of $hit CEOs?

It’s not really your fault, the Tech Journalism industry have transformed itself into a business, praying on startups looking for some coverage, you might have though that maybe if you attend their event, they will finally answer your mails … well, you’re wrong!

Startups Event allows you to refocus on the events that matter, you want to network? join/host a nearby event. You want to pitch investors join our virtual events (which happen to be free). You want to pitch media? join our virtual events (where the press that are not looking to make $$$ from you will be waiting)

About us:
What can i say? I am a tech enthusiasm, i happen to run a media company, some of my colleagues are helping me with this mission … Yes it is a mission, making startups visible without forcing them to pay huge sums of much needed cash to get visibility!
Me on: G+ Twitter Linkedin & Blog

Partner with us:We are open to any kind of partnership, we specifically appreciate partnering with Tech news sites and blogs, we are also open to offer sponsorship.
please email us at: startupsevent.com@gmail.com

Join us: 
Joining us, gives you access to  the  events organized by us, in addition to several freebies and media access (and coverage) through partner tech publication and blogs.
And it only costs 1$/ month (billed 12$/year)
Interested ?
Step 1: order here: choose membership / sponsorship type
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